"Comply" is not a vision.
~ Ray C. Anderson


New Growth clients have a vision for improving the world around them. They have goals to achieve that vision. And they have messages to motivate others.

What they don't always have is the time, skill or objectivity to clarify and present their messages in ways that resonate with specific audiences. That is what New Growth Communications provides.

As principal consultant, I listen closely to clients to understand their visions, goals and messages. I serve as a proxy for the audience, questioning what I don't understand and bringing attention to what I find compelling. Then, I help give voice to the right message at the right time and place.

Bart King, Founder & Principal

Bart King
Founder & Principal
(706) 340-3140
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Past & Current Clients Include

A Better City |  AT&T  |  Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement | Athens Institute for Contemporary Art |  Azul 7 |  Biomimicry 3.8  |  Biomimicry Center at ASU |  Biomimicry for Social Innovation |  Bork Architectural Design |  Cleantech Open North Central Region |  Coca-Cola | ConnectEDU |  David Oakey Designs  |  EcoFocus Film Festival |  EducationDynamics |  Focus the Nation (Athens)  |  Georgia Energy Informatics Cluster |  GetAround |  Georgia Climate Change Coalition |  GoalQuest |  HBS Business & Environment Initiative |  HEVT |  Hungry Gnome Landscapes |  Imery Group |  INSEAD |  Itron  |   Mergeable | MetaVu |  MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative |  Mother Nature Network |  Parabola |  Pure Strategies |  Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business |  Renee Lertzman |  Silver Spring Networks |  SmartGrid Update | SiNode Systems |  Sustainable Life Media |  SustainableBusiness.com |  The Virtue Agency |  Thread International  |  Urban Offsets |  UtiliSave |  VF Jeanswear |  Wrangler

Forbes, Inc.com, GreenBiz, FastCompany, The Chicago Tribune...

New Growth Affiliates

Mike Hower
ClimaTalk Communications

Allison Floyd
Writer & Editor

Kristen Morales
Graphic Designer

Holly Brown
h. browns photography

Tom Mills
GreenShortz, C-Media


Marissa Rosen
Climate Social