Green Building & Design

From urban planners to construction contractors, and from biomimicry consultants to product marketers, green building professionals need specialized marketing content and PR to effectively communicate the benefits of what they offer.

Past and current clients include:

  • A Better City

  • Azul Seven

  • Biomimicry 3.8

  • Biomimicry Center at ASU

  • Bork Architectural Design

  • David Oakey Designs

  • Hungry Gnome Landscapes

  • Imery Group

  • Parabola

  • Urban Offsets

  • Utilisave



Whether it’s agricultural sensors, solar power, smart cities or some other major investment in promising technology, it almost always comes down to ROI. Social and environmental benefits are great, but if we can’t help the customer make the business case, they typically won’t be able to greenlight the expense.

We help cleantech clients develop the necessary marketing content to move prospects through the sales cycle.

Past and current clients include:

  • AT&T

  • Cleantech Open (North Central Region)

  • Georgia Energy Informatics Cluster

  • GetAround

  • HEVT

  • Itron

  • Silver Spring Networks

  • SiNode Systems


Sustainability Consulting & Research

Sustainability consulting has expanded rapidly in recent years. International management consulting firms now all have dedicated sustainability practices, and the small firms that blossomed a decade ago have mostly consolidated into larger, national groups.

We specialize in helping sustainability consultants and academic researchers capture and promote their thought leadership to differentiate themselves, share their important knowledge and attract new opportunities.

Past and current clients include:

  • Biomimicry for Social Innovation

  • Business & Environment Initiative at Harvard Business School

  • Circle Economics

  • MetaVu

  • MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative

  • Pure Strategies

  • Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business at Georgia Tech

  • Renee Lertzmann