Marketing Content & Strategy

With our knowledge of sustainability topics, we help clients plan and create engaging content to attract new leads, stay top-of-mind with prospects, and keep decision-makers informed throughout the sales cycle.

Examples include:

  • web copy

  • white papers

  • case studies

  • brochures & one-pagers

  • blog posts

  • op-eds/commentaries

  • executive & staff bios

  • press releases

  • email series

  • brand journalism, and

  • other lead magnets

Content marketing works best when employed as part of an ongoing strategy for building audience and nurturing leads. In addition to creating content, we can also help you craft a strategy and editorial calendar that caters to specific audience personas, integrates with social media, and aligns with near- to mid-term organizational goals.

If you already have a strategy, that’s great. We’ll simply provide you with the content you need. Plus, you’ll have the benefit of working with professionals who understand the big picture.


PR/Media Relations

We take a non-traditional approach to PR that’s based on our journalistic experience.

We don’t waste our clients’ money on wire releases that will produce dozens of meaningless pickups across the web, but never be seen by the reporters, editors or readers who really matter.

Our media relations services include:

  • story development

  • press release writing

  • media outlet research

  • story pitching

  • op-ed placement

  • media training

  • journalist introductions

Our approach is to identify a targeted list of media outlets that have the audience you desire and are likely to be interested in your story. We then deliver personalized pitches to the appropriate writers and editors, and follow up as needed. In the field of sustainability, we already have contacts at most of the leading media outlets. But regardless of the field, we can establish connections on your behalf.

Unlike conventional PR agencies, we don’t withhold media contacts from our clients. In fact, we’ll do our best to connect you with writers and editors on a personal level, so you can maintain contact with them, if you wish. See examples of our clients in the news.



Multimedia Production & Project Management

Some clients hire us for our ability to seamlessly bridge gaps in their projects with our writing or editing capabilities. However, others hire us to source, produce and manage entire multimedia projects.

These include:

  • mini sites

  • video

  • infographics

  • product, portfolio & headshot photography

  • slide presentations & speeches

  • ebooks

  • audio & podcasts

For multimedia projects, New Growth principal Bart King fills the role of producer. He draws on the talents of New Growth’s affiliated media professionals, plus his own experience as a published author, visual artist and musician to fuse the creative elements necessary to deliver truly compelling, turnkey content.


Thought-Leadership Publishing


Publishing your expertise and opinions raises the visibility of your organization and generates opportunities for speaking engagements and new business

However, many leaders and subject-matter experts don’t have the time or writing prowess to create this valuable marketing content on their own.

We specialize in working closely with thought leaders, customizing our editorial support to meet them where they’re at in terms of availability, skill and confidence. Typical projects include:

  • by-lined op-eds & articles

  • white papers

  • slide presentations & speeches

  • case studies

  • books

In addition, we use our media contacts to place op-eds and articles with publications that match your marketing goals. If we don’t already have the necessary contacts, we’ll do the legwork to develop them on your behalf.

To learn more about how we work with executives and subject-matter experts, read this article by principal, Bart King: “Can Ghostwriting Really Be Thought Leadership?” Or, see a collection of thought-leadership by our clients.


Social Media Management & Coaching

It’s no longer open to debate. Investing in regular social media activity generates dividends for individual professionals.

And when even just a handful of individuals align their social media activity with the goals of an employer or other organization, the results are exponential.

At New Growth, we offer full or partial social media management for individuals or organizations. Services include:

  • social media strategy

  • editorial planning

  • news & network monitoring

  • drafting & scheduling posts

  • strategic network building

  • tactics & etiquette coaching

  • tracking & metrics

Social media management can be customized to fit your comfort level, whether that means you review every post and response, or you set guidelines for us to communicate on your behalf.