Content Strategy & Development

Every piece of content we produce is an opportunity to clarify and improve strategy.

Whether it’s a series of marketing emails, a thought-leadership editorial, web copy or a press release, the message and delivery of any piece of content should be determined by strategic needs. So before drafting a word, we ask a specific set of questions: 

  • What is the business or organizational goal this content needs to serve?
  • Who is the audience associated with that goal?
  • What do we need the audience to do to make progress toward that goal?
  • What information or message will motivate them to take that action?
  • What’s the appropriate medium, format and tone for that message?
  • How will we get the finished content in front of the audience?

Content Development Process

Once we've answered the strategic questions we determine what information assets and resources are available and assign the best content creator or team to the project. We also set milestones for specific deliverables to keep you as informed as you'd like to be along the way.


Thought-Leadership Publishing

Sharing your expertise and opinions benefits your community and your organization.

Good thought-leadership publishing serves two important functions.

First, it allows progressive leaders to share their knowledge and best practices, or to go on the record about where they stand on important issues.

Second, it’s a cost-effective way to increase reputation, drive web traffic and generate business leads. In fact, amplifying the voices of subject-matter experts and organizational leaders has become such an important part of content marketing, that it’s beginning to receive its own label—thought-leadership marketing.

New Growth Principal, Bart King, has edited and coached many different writers and speakers and is passionate about bringing important ideas into the world. His customized approach meets each client’s unique writing needs. Some struggle with the blank page, while others need help cutting away the non-essential. Some merely need light copyediting or media placement, and others require research or full ghostwriting of their ideas.

To learn more about the process, read “Can Ghostwriting Really Be Thought Leadership” on the New Growth blog.

Link To Thought-Leadership Examples


Sustainability Executive Support

Are you tasked with promoting sustainability in your corporation or brand?

Do you have budget, but not enough support? If so, you’re not alone. And we can help.

The trend in corporate America is to put passionate and capable go-getters into under-supported sustainability roles with a directive to work across business functions to make good things happen.

New Growth Principal, Bart King, works closely with such clients to help set strategy and develop the internal and external communications required to build bridges and turn the ship. (Susty speak often requires mixing metaphors!)

Regular tasks include:

  • Working with Corporate Comms & Marketing

  • Working with Agencies of Record

  • Social Media Management (personal & brand)

  • Research & Benchmarking

  • Presentation Development

  • PR Strategy & Media Relations