Thought Leadership Editorial Support

Azul Seven

Design, Biomimicry

Execute a regular content marketing strategy for a busy, design consultancy.

What We Do:
Provide ongoing, customized editorial support to a diverse team of thought leaders

How We Do It:
New Growth Communications began working on Azul Seven’s content marketing initiative after the design and innovation firm had already developed a lead-generation strategy with a digital marketing agency. We came in to assist in producing weekly thought-leadership articles targeting specific buyer personas at different stages of the sales process.

Per the strategy, designers at Azul Seven are responsible for publishing on predetermined topics roughly every six weeks. Each designer has a different level of writing expertise and draws on New Growth’s editorial support to varying degrees. For some, we provide a sounding board for ideas and assistance outlining an article structure around which they can begin drafting. For two non-native English speakers, we provide the initial drafting of those ideas as well. And for others, we simply step in at the copyediting stage to help clarify thoughts and polish presentation. In short, we meet the writers where they’re at and help them cross the finish line as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our job also includes careful management of shared documents, coordinating with Azul Seven’s project manager and urging writers forward, as needed, with friendly reminders.

Together we’ve completed articles highlighting Azul Seven’s expertise in design thinking, biomimicry, digital healthcare design and numerous other SEO-ready topics. Articles are queued up for the launch of a new website, and we’ve developed the process and relationships to respond flexibly to strategic and scheduling demands.

"Working with Bart of New Growth Communications has been a breakthrough for us,” says Azul Seven co-founder and CEO, Lisa Helminiak. “We’ve worked with other writers and editors in the past, but none matched his level of professionalism and talent. From pulling ideas onto the blank page to carefully addressing concerns of voice and language, he’s clearly invested in facilitating our thought leadership and copywriting. Our entire team enjoys working with him and his speed and responsiveness have been critical to the launch of our new website and content marketing efforts. Frankly, I’m not sure how we would produce this much content without him.”