“Bart has been involved in nearly all aspects of our content management over the last eight years. He works on numerous e-mail marketing campaigns, writes and edits content for microsites, manages projects, mentors young freelance writers and editors, and more—more than I can detail here. All of it he does with remarkable skill and precision. Again and again I have gone to him with a last-minute request or a complicated fix because he’s one of the few I trust to do it fast, and well.”

“Good writing is an extension of good thinking, be it for the Web or for print. Bart excels at both. Always attentive to a client’s needs, he understands the best practices of Web content development and layout. He talks to people, observes them, listens to what they say and, perhaps more important, for what they don’t say. If an idea is a good one, he will sense it right away. That kind of fine, gut instinct is hard to come by, and it makes him a special talent as a communicator and a project manager.”

Joshua Green
Senior Manager of Content Development, ConnectEDU