“Without hesitation I can attest that Bart has been hands-down the easiest person to work with of all the guest curators we have employed at ATHICA during the seven years of our existence. His work was consistently thoughtful, careful, sensitive, intelligent, well informed and thorough. His ability to plan ahead and provide finished materials well within deadline was a joy for me. His press releases were always immaculate.

“The entire process of working with him, from the planning of the exhibit as well as its many affiliated events… demonstrated again and again his ability to plan ahead as well as have his finger on the pulse of the times.

“Despite his years of experience as a writer and researcher, he was always modest, curious and quick to ask questions about matters he was at all unsure of. He is just simply a delightful, polite, caring, trustworthy and careful human being with more integrity in his little pinky than most people muster during their entire lives.”

Lizzie Zucker Saltz
Artistic Director, Athens Institute for Contemporary Art